Thursday Thoughts | The need for the responsible use of Foil Assists/Tow Ins and best volume for your Downwind SUP Board

52 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts | The need for the responsible use of Foil Assists/Tow Ins and best volume for your Downwind SUP Board”

  1. Hi Bames thanks for your thoughts. Referring to your formular to clculate volume I always run into the problem that with 73 kilos I would end up with aboard ghat is way to narrow to handle northsea chop. I‘m waiting for a thinner board that is like 7‘6“ x 20 or 21 but not with 125 liter. I should be more like 110 l therefor thinner.
    Is my idea wrong? (Using a 1300 S-series and -175AR with med fuse from Code)

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