Wing-a-Ding: The Basics to Master For the Water

Once you have mastered the on Land Basics you are ready to hit the water.

Entering the Water

  • The best way to enter the water is holding the foilboard on your upwind side of your body and the wind on the downwind side of your body
  • I carry the board by the front foil in one hand and the ding in the other allowing me to walk out to a decent water depth
  • Once out to a decent water depth I paddle on my belly for 10 to 20 strokes up wind with the wing held with my feet so I have a bit of room to get started

 Setting the Wing Up

  • Once out far enough so you won't hit the ground and away from any hazards start setting the wing up
  • Have the handle/boom side down and hold onto either the leading edges depower handle at the front or the front of the boom/furthest forward handle

Getting to Your Knees

  • Face the nose of your board downwind 
  • Go to both knees just behind the centre of the board (handle is normally a good guide)
  • Grab the wing with both hands and look the direction you want to go. The hand closest to the leading edge will be the direction you will travel
  • Look across and even upwind over your upwind shoulder and lean on the upwind rail of your board. this will allow you to travel across the wind 

Getting to Your Feet

  • Once you get to a speed where balance is less of an issue you can do the transition to your feet
  • Do this one foot at a time while keeping both hands on the wing
  • Be sure to keep your knees bent once you are standing, straight legs make it very hard to balance
  • Once you are up position your feet so you are centred evenly on the board. Not too far on one side or the other or too far forward or back. You need to be centred and balanced over the board