Coach Casey. Club Premium Members

As a Premium member I like to keep an eye on what it is you are doing. I recommend using a Garmin Fenix 5 linked to Training Peaks to get the most out of your training. Once setup properly your Garmin Fenix 5 will run your training sessions for you.

Step 1) Set Up your Training Peaks Account

Click Here to set up your Training Peaks account. This will allow me to program your fortnightly sessions.

Step 2) Link your Watch to your Training Peaks Account

Click Here for you a run through of how to link your watch to your Training Peaks account. Once setup you will be able to click a button and the session I have programmed for you will be accessible on your watch. No more wasted time prepping your workout before going out paddling.

Step 3) Comment on How you Felt after your Session

Use your training peaks account to comment on how you felt after each session or any comments on the conditions.

Step 4) Online Video Analysis

Included in Premium is a monthly Online Technique Analysis. Try to get any footage of you paddling, surfing or foiling from a side on and front on view. If just one angle possible a side on view is more important. These are awesome ways to improve so use this part of your Premium Membership to get the full value out of your Membership.


You are now all set up and ready to go! I'm looking forward to working with you towards your goals.

Happy Paddling,