Clarence 100 Training Plan

Welcome to the Coach Casey. Clarence 100 Training Plan. Excited to have you onboard.

This is a 12 week training plan which includes three interval sessions, one recovery/technique session and one cross training session per week.

Every 4 weeks there will be a 40 minute zoom call to catch up and chat about how training is going and to answer any questions you may have. If you have any questions that need to be answered before the monthly zoom catch ups use the Coach Casey. Clarence 100 Private Facebook Group. Feel free to post any of your questions, sessions or any photos you get from training in this Facebook group as well.

Looking forward to undertaking the Clarence 100 with you! If you haven't already remember to register and book your accommodation. I've booked Thursday and Friday at Grafton and Saturday and Sunday at Yamba. 

If you haven't already purchase your Clarence 100 Training Plan here.

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