Ocean Module: Balance in Rough Conditions (Stance)


How you stand on your board in the ocean can either make life harder or easier for you. Generally I see paddlers that are new to ocean paddling put their feet way out on the rail of the board with both fee toes and heels in line. This does two things.

1) With your feet out on the rail every wobble you have is doubled.

2) With your feet straight and not splayed it means your knees are more prone to collapsing in. This means you have less power as you are not using the full power of your legs.

To fix this try putting your feet shoulder width apart with your toes splayed out at about 20 degrees in a parallel stance. Ideally you will progress to a split stance and your back foot will be more splayed, as much as 30 degrees, and your front foot a closer to straight. You will need to remember to swap your feet by shuffling each time you change paddle sides so that your back foot is always on your paddle side.

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