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Talk Back Tuesday Replay

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Talk Back Tuesday 19 October

We go through centre of gravity and centre of lift, how it relates to pumping in different gears, the importance of patience and waiting for the right bump to use as your chip in, feet positioning once you have paddled up onto foil, reading bumps while up on foil and then we finish with a bit of wing stuff going into jibes and changing your feet.

Talk Back Tuesday Replay 26/10/21

This week we had a great discussion with JB, Crackers and Jason delving into sink speeds (lifting speed), glide ratios (foil planing) and how that relates to our foiling for DW Foil, Surf Foil, Flatwater Paddle Pumping, and Pumping in general.

Also a reminder that SUP Race and Surf crew are encouraged to ask questions and participate in the Talk Back Tuesdays and I even mention that if there is enough demand then I will do a separate call just for SUP chat.

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