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Learn to Foil with Foil Drive

Using the Foil Drive is a great tool for those learning to Foil.

I use the foil drive as a hybrid E Foil. Technically it is a paddle assist but when used with a large foil it can be used as an E Foil. Change down to a medium-sized foil and you can practice SUP paddling up onto the foil in flatwater.

The foil drive is perfect for learning to downwind foil. Used in the surf you can catch unbroken waves, making it far safer as you avoid the steep take-off and whitewater that makes learning tricky.

The best bit, compared to a regular E Foil, is the foil drive is lighter and with the prop out of the water it is just like regular SUP.

The final application is for doing a Downwind SUP Foil. Working on paddling up in bumpy water, the assist gets you going and then once you are up it is just like a regular SUP Foil. The prop is out of the water and you have the glide like any other SUP Foilboard.

Learn to foil with Foil Drive and Coach Casey
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