Foil terms commonly thrown around online

Thanks to Hea Dip for helping to start the collection of foil terms commonly used.




Stabilizer, Tail Wing


Wing span. Distance from one wingtip to the other.


The distance from the front of a wing to the rear of the wing, normally measured at the thickest part along the fuse.


Rolling the wing side to side. Example: you go from your toeside rail to your heelside rail.


Twist. Example: doing the 50’s dance move the twist.


Up and down motion. Example: Like a teeter totter at the playground. Nose up, nose down.


Imagine your wing cut in half along the fuselage. Now look at that cross section. That is the profile. This is what people mean when they say thick or thin profile.

Wing Profile

High aspect

Wide wing span, very narrow chord. It will look like an airplane glider. Pro: Very good in glide. Minimal drag due to short chord and very thin profile. Con: wide wingspan is hard to roll over. When gliders use the term HA, they talk in ratio’s around 30:1.

HIgh aspect wing span

Low aspect

More symmetrical wingspan to chord measurements. It will look like a fighter jet with the wings swept back. Pro: Very good in roll. Con: Not very good in glide. Lots of drag due to the long chord.

Low aspect wing span

Wing shape

Dihedral etc: See below photo which is thankfully labelled. The Kujira 1095 is an example of a high aspect dihedral wing. (even though it looks kind of gull shaped to me) Older low aspect dihedral wings include, but are not limited to. Signature stealth, unifoil vortex, axis 760/860.

Foil Wing Shape

Views of the kujira 1095 are found in this video review.

Hdip’s conspiracy alley: If you want to see where the kujira stole their idea’s from check out old harkin and sons posts on instagram haha. In reality though, there’s nothing new in foiling and people are just trying every old aviation trick trying to figure out what works in water.

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