Downwind SUP Module

Downwind SUP Course

We focus on the skills that will allow you to take your downwind paddling to the next level. In this course we will go through the gear, conditions and skills to practice to get the most out of your downwinder. These skills are essential for your paddling development and will allow you to excel in downwind conditions. Practice them in flatter conditions and gradually take them into windier conditions as you progress.

Improve your flatwater sup skills with Coach James Casey

Flatwater SUP Course

We will go through the 5 different components of our stroke, breaking them down and providing drills to work on while out on the water.

These components of the stroke can be utilised in all water conditions but are best to learn and practice in a flatwater environment.

Technical Skills with Coach Casey

Technical SUP Course

. We will focus on the skills that will allow you to take your paddling to the next level. In this course we will go through to turn, using your paddle, rail and feet, a range of different starts and how to accelerate. These skills are essential for your paddling development and will allow you to excel when there are imperfect conditions to paddle in. Practice them in flatwater conditions but begin to take your technique from the Flatwater Course and these skills into all water conditions.

Learn Ocean Paddling with James Casey

Ocean SUP Course

Welcome to The Ocean SUP Course. This will give you an insight into the best ways to approach and attack these situations.

The Four Modules include:

Ocean Theory
Balance in Rough Conditions
Bumpy Water
Surf Zone

Learn to Wing-a-Ding Foil with James Casey

Wing Foil Course

Welcome to The Wing-a-Ding Foil Course. Before you head out onto the water it’s important you know the basics of wind sports and the best ways to handle the wing.

The Nine Modules include:

The Basics
Getting Going
Downwind Freewing-ing
Wave Riding

Learn to Downwind Foil

Downwind Foil Course

James Casey will take you through the necessary steps to get you downwinding your local run on a SUP Foilboard. We are excited to put this together and get more people out downwind foiling successfully.

Surf Foil Course

Your essential guide to improving your skills on your prone and SUP foilboards.

The course starts with the essential knowledge you need as a beginner, although it will be useful for all foilers to read. The equipment and the basic modules are designed for those starting out when towing behind a boat or with an E-Foil. We then take you through a basic guide of the surf zone and how to pick the best waves. The take off is probably the trickiest part of surf foiling when starting out so make sure to give it a thorough read and watch the video.

As you progress through the course, you will find the content tailored at more of an intermediate level. Once you can take off it’s all about riding the wave without pumping and identifying where the energy pockets in the wave are. Pumping should be left for off the wave. While it doesn’t mean you cannot practice pumping on the wave in my eyes you should aim to ride the wave without pumping and then use your pump to link waves.

Pumping is what everyone wants to learn to do and there is a lot of advice, good and bad, about how to pump. I’ve broken it down into a few sections so you can really get a good understanding of what is going on and you can suit it to your personal setup.

The final part of the course is more advanced and goes into detail on turns, carves, straps and airs and breaks down what is possible depending on what equipment you are using and the lines you are taking.

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