Why Follow Tim Cyprien?

What is your goal for the year?
My main goal this year is to push myself competitively in both surfing and racing while still enjoying both aspects of the sport and travelling as much as possible.

What races/surf events are you targeting?
This year I will be focusing on three events in particular including the Australian Titles in all three disciplines surfing, tech racing and marathon, King of the Cut the major downwind race in WA and the Japan Cup in Chigasaki, Japan which will include a Survivor race format and marathon race.

Are you doing any special or different training for this?
Each of the events that I will be targeting this year are slightly different to each other, therefore I’ll have a base training program and then implement varied sessions that target each event specifically. I also believe having a balance between race training and surfing is important to keep the enjoyment as well as being beneficial to one another.

Do you have anyone helping you out to achieve these goals?
Just last year I joined the Casey Aus team, it was good to link up with a brand that understands both performance and style in their range, my favourite paddle top at the moment is the Olive Performance Shirt, I use it for pretty much everything from race training to surfing. For the last couple of years I have also been working with Fanatic SUP for all my equipment including boards, paddles and foils, they have a really good team testing all the new boards and I am really happy with how all my equipment is working, it definitely increases motivation and enjoyment when the equipment under your feet works for you. Having great equipment on your side definitely helps but having specific training programs and a motivating coach has helped me drastically, I have been working with Andrew who runs the Paddle Be Fit squad on the Gold Coast, we have worked closely over the last few years to create specific training programs that have helped me best prepare for upcoming events.

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