Getting to Know 'Chloe Walkerdene'

What is your main goal for this year?
My main goal for this year is to find balance between racing, surfing, training, working and life itself. I’ve found this approach has allowed me to progress in all elements as I’m enjoying each aspect equally. Beginning a full time career has enabled me to thoroughly enjoy training and I’m finding I’m putting my all into my training. Living a black & white world and not combining work as a part of training and competing has been a savior and I’m noticing progress each session. 
What races/surf events are you targeting?
I’m specially targeting my local events here in Australia while training in depth for the bigger international events such as APP New York and Japan Cup. I enjoy the events which incorporate more surf base.

Are you doing any special or different training for this?
Yep! I have developed my own kind of training through the help of my paddle coach Mick and personal trainer Tai. Through their expertise, I’ve found a balance and effective program to get the most out of my sessions. My secret weapon although the last few weeks has been training at altitude. It hurts but it gets results on and off the water. 
Do you have anyone helping you out to achieve these goals?
Most certainly. As always my family and close friends as they forever support me as well as my coach, trainer, sponsors. And of course my amazing little sister Abbie who keeps me on my toes every day.

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