2019 Schedule | Stripping it Back

This year I've decided to make a bit of a change to my schedule. I originally got into stand up paddling through the surf scene and actually was never too interested in the the racing side of things. So this year I'm taking a step back towards my roots. While I won't be quitting racing all together, I still love it, I'm going to have a more even mix of stand up paddle surfing and racing events (and try and fit some foiling events in too).
The start of my year is going to be relatively evenly mixed with two surf events and two races. The Sunset Beach Pro and 12 Towers were my first two events where I managed an equal 9th and 3rd respectively. My next event will be the Stand Up Surf Shop Rottnest SUP Classic on Rottnest Island, WA, April 4 - 7.
Following Rottnest I will then be hosting two Luxury Surf SUP Trips with Moon Tours over in the Maldives. These trips are ridiculous. The waves are perfect, the water is warm and the boat and crew are next level. See below two little snippets of what goes on during the 10 day trip.
I then knuckle down and get into some serious race training as I gear up towards my annual pilgrimage to Hawaii in July for the Poi Bowl and Molokai to Oahu. Last year the Poi Bowl was a super fun foil race and I look forward to bettering my top ten finish there. While I managed a podium finish in the big Molokai 2 Oahu, I'm hoping to improve on that this year. There are also murmurs of the foil division being on a different day to the stand up this year too, if that's the case and it doesn't clash with anything else I will definitely throw my hat in the ring for that version of Molokai as well.
I will then take a month off to reset and get ready for the back end of the year as I plan to tackle the remainder of the APP World Tour surfing and racing events as as well as a few regional favourites. The APP racing events will occur in Osaka (Japan), San Francisco (USA) and Brazil, while surfing in Barbados and Gran Canaries (Spain). Scattered amongst the APP events I will compete in a few regionals as well, such as the Japan Cup in Tokyo and King of the Cut in Perth, WA.
As the recent cancellation of Pacific Paddle Games for 2019 showed us, my schedule will continue to remain quite fluid. While some events fall over others pop up last minute (I'm hoping a few Downwind Foil events pop up). Best to keep up to date with all my competition and any potential schedule changes by following me @james__casey on Instagram or @jamescasey.aus on Facebook. I'm looking forward to a fun year on tour and excited to share my experiences with you all.

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